Liam Duggan

Liam is the chairperson and founder of Koins for Kids Ireland. He studied Business Economics and Social Studies at Trinity College Dublin, and intends to continue his college education in the near future.

He also spent twenty years as a self-employed taxi driver in Dublin.

Liam is a single father who currently spends most of his free time fundraising for Koins for Kids Ireland on a voluntary basis. He monitors the charity’s collection boxes, organizes bucket collections, bag packing and other fundraising initiatives and is generally the prime motivator and organizer of the charity.

Peter Fairbairn

Peter is a self-employed accountant and taxation adviser, with nearly 40 years of experience in the profession.

He is also a long time music enthusiast and amateur construction worker when time allows, and when he isn’t fawning hopelessly over the three large and pampered dogs who rule his family.

He acts as bookkeeper and accountant for Koins for Kids Ireland. He can be contacted by email at peterfairbairn50@gmail.com.

Barbara Lloyd

Barbara is a busy mother of two. Qualified as an Occupational Therapist she worked in this area for eight years. Changed direction to health administration in Autism Services and studied Business Management & Industrial Relations.

She also has qualified in advanced Public Speaking and holds Diplomas in a variety of other areas. She was a keen author of short stories and feature articles for magazines in the 1990’s.

She did Grade 8 Piano Exams when her daughter was 9 months old. When she has time she enjoys attending theatre and concerts, loves her garden and has always had pets.

Damien Douglas

My name is Damien Douglas and I am honoured to be a Trustee of Koins for Kids. My background is in Mental Health Nursing and though retired from that now my main activity is caring for my Dad and twin daughters all of whom have substantial needs.

I can really see the value in collecting money of all kinds to supply a pediatric MRI scanner that will save children lives decades into the future.

We help to recover and reuse coins and small change that to many people has little or no value and we can make great use of it Many thanks to all who donate in any way.